Our story

Started in 2019, Sahar introduced Sahzoh to the world, and her sister Frouhar joined her in this journey of embracing their cultural heritage and stepping into the world of craftmanship and jewelry. Moved by their strong connection to their roots, they always dreamt of giving back to their motherland. Their love and admiration for craftmanship is deeply rooted in their culture and in co-creation with their team of artisans in Afghanistan they aim to share the beauty of their culture and bring recognition to a region that is marginalized for far too long.

 Why lapis lazuli? This deep blue stone carries a deep emotional value for the two Tajik sisters. The stone and the sisters share the same roots, which is found in Badakhshan, a northern province in Afghanistan. Lapis lazuli, Lajward in Persian, has been passed on from generation to generation within their family. Sahar and Frouhar want to continue this tradition. Instead of keeping it within their families, they want to keep it alive by sharing the beauty of this tradition with the rest of the world.

The jewelry is designed by the sisters in the Netherlands and handcrafted by their team in their “Kar-Khana”, which translates to workplace in Persian, in Kabul. Sahzoh offers their luxurious pieces in both 18k solid gold and .925 sterling silver.